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Kimberly Meek

During her 30 year career, Kimberly Meek has started and run two companies. The first was created to secure financial security for herself and her family; the second was intended to pay forward the help she has received from others along the way and to make a difference – however small it may seem – within her own community.

Leveraging business and personal relationships spanning decades, she founded Hacha Products Corporation as a platform to create resources for under-nourished schoolchildren.

Hacha Products Corp uses a portion of its profits to fund local before/after school programs, specifically to provide nutrition for students with limited access to a consistent, healthy diet. When school is not in session, the Company provides the same benefit by way of local park districts.

Kimberly is relationship-driven. Success to some people is measured in dollars; she measures it in two currencies: dollars and people. Because every opportunity she has ever come across was due to a relationship. More importantly, she enjoys discovering opportunities for others – it’s a virtuous cycle and many wonderful things have come about in her life as a result.