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Nick Tokman

“One of the best youth presenters I’ve ever seen in nearly 2 decades in the business.”
-Jason Hewlett, Hall of Fame Speaker

Nick Tokman, “Sunshine” on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, empowers others to overcome the obstacles and negative influences that prevent them from connecting with who they are so they achieve THEIR definition of success. An engaging and animated professional speaker, he directs his audiences to focus their attention on what’s important for them so they take control of their lives and reach their highest potential.

Nick has been seen on the show for the past four seasons entertaining more than one million viewers each week. He is recognized for his constant, upbeat attitude, his unwavering focus on achieving his goals, and his determination in the face of adversity.

Nick’s grandfather introduced him to Deadliest Catch for the first time at a point in his life where he felt unfulfilled. Although his family did not want him pursuing a career in one of the most dangerous professions, he realized this was HIS life; he had to live it for himself. Four years later after embarking on his journey, after persevering through a series of setbacks and failures, including hospitalization, running out of money and battling homelessness, Nick landed on the very show that inspired him to venture to Alaska.

As a cast member of the Emmy-Winning show, he battled some of the harshest working conditions known to man, including 30-35 foot rogue waves, freezing temperatures, extreme physical labor and 20-hour work days. Nick has proven himself physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of overcoming arduous obstacles.

Nick serves as a board member of the National Speakers Association in New England. He has made presentations from people in a classroom setting, to a hall filled with 17,000 people. He has spoken at numerous national student conferences including NatStuCo, SkillsUSA, HOBY and more. His audiences nationwide range from students in elementary to corporate professionals.

To find out more about Nick or to inquire about him speaking at your next student assembly, visit: www.nicktokman.com. He can also be followed at @nicktokman on instagram and twitter as well as @nicksunshinetokman for facebook. Thank you for reading this and enjoy an awesome day!