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Mitty Chang

Entrepreneur. Business Owner. Professional Speaker. World Traveler. Rotary Club member.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mitty grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and built his first website when he was 10 years old.Mitty started his first business at the age of 12. Three businesses later, Mitty is currently the Founder of Candeavor, a digital marketing and web development agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Outside of work, Mitty has been part of the Rotary family for over half of his life through Interact, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and Rotaract.

As a motivational speaker on weekends, Mitty has spoken to community, civic, and business leaders in over a dozen different countries across 6 continents. In his free time, Mitty is often exploring new food eateries, planning his next travel adventure, and working on new passion projects.